The ultimate in easy, hands free baby carrying!!

Slings distribute baby’s weight across your back for a comfortable, secure fit and is usable in a variety of positions for newborns and toddlers.  Our slings come in a range of sizes and are fully-adjustable, ensuring a perfect and secure fit every time! Our carriers can be tightened over a wide range. Frequently both parents can share one carrier even if they are different sizes. 

Our ring sling is 100% cotton and very comfortable in hot weather. Our fabrics are hand dyed and look the same on both sides, eliminating the need for sewing two fabrics together to hide the wrong side of a fabric. One layer of fabric is cooler than two layers and allows for better air flow to help keep your baby from becoming over-heated. 

This sling has light cushioning in the shoulder, but is otherwise not padded. This eliminates bulk, fitting easily into your diaper bag or purse when you are on the go. The large size uses slightly more fabric but will still fit nicely into a larger diaper bag or backpack. 

You can breastfeed in all of our baby carriers. For those who prefer to breastfeed discreetly, the tails of our slings can be used as a cover up. When selecting a sling, if nursing coverage is not important to you, you may prefer to select a size smaller. The smaller size will have a shorter fabric tail past the rings.