Welcome to JMD, quality handmade items for small people.

My journey here began, as most journeys do, with a need.  Shortly after my son was born my husband and I decided to go camping. With a three month old. In spring.  In Nova Scotia. Clearly this baby was going to need some lightweight wool base layers.

  What I thought would be a straightforward internet mission turned into an exercise in frustration.  Finding merino baby wear from a North American source was nearly impossible, and what was available was prohibitively expensive. As a professional seamstress and designer, not finding what I want commercially generally results in a trip to the fabric store for material to whip up my vision. But finding quality wool fabric also proved to be a challenge.  I ended up going to a sports store, buying an XXXL men’s lightweight merino shirt and repurposing it into 2 long sleeve onesies and a pair of tights for our little guy. He was warm and cozy the whole trip.

Next, we decided to do a road trip. Across Canada. In December and January. Once again, our wee one was clearly going to need some long underwear, and he had long since outgrown the first batch I’d made.  Another long and exhaustive internet search ensued and ended with me spending entirely too much money for a pair of wool tights and a shirt from Germany. And thinking “when we settle down a little I’m really going to have to do a line of wool baby things for parents like us”

Fast forward a little over a year, and JMD has evolved from a custom clothing and style line for adults to quality handmade goods for small people. We produce a whole range of wool and bamboo clothing, as well as wool and fleece diaper covers for cloth diapering, sleep sacks, quilts and so much more! All of our wool and bamboo is Okeo-Tex certified, organic and hand dyed in small batches.  All of our wool products come pre-lanolised and ready to use.

If your search for quality baby goods has led you here I’m confident you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. If not, however, we do still produce custom made items and will be happy to work with you to make your dream a reality. 

 Thanks for stopping by!