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Posted by Jennifer Mills on Thursday, June 26, 2014 Under: Business
Mompreneur. WAHM. Mommy blogger. 
I hate all these labels with the fire of 1000 suns. And sadly, they all apply to me. So basically I am a self hating WAHM (Work At Home Mom), Mompreneur and Mommy Blogger. Why do I hate the label so many Moms are wearing so proudly these days? Well, for one, I am not a pigeon and therefore don't feel like living in one of their holes. Also I am a bit of a snob. 
You see, all of the Mompreneur, WAHM and Mommy blogs back stories start out like this "Well I was on mat leave with my first baby and saw this cool thing, so I took out grandma's old sewing machine and whipped it up. Everyone complimented me on it so I decided to make and sell them" Which is totally awesome. For that person. It is not awesome for me.
Why? We'll basically it comes down to the age old debate between art and craft. I have trained long and hard to get where I am. I've spent many years in school and many late nights on the job perfecting my skills and learning how to create high quality products that will stand the test of time. My skills lie, however, in a realm that has traditionally (and very much still is in many parts of the world and industry) been held by unskilled workers. Anyone can operate a sewing machine. Anyone can hand sew, it's, as the song says, a needle pulling thread. Much like cooking, anyone can do it, many people with absolutely no training do it every day, some with exceptional skill and great artistry. They are not chefs however, and the wonderful women who create Pinterest fodder and one of a kind onesies from recycled rock t-shirts their husbands have long since abandoned are not me. 
I make children's clothes, but being a mother does not define me as a business woman. Nor does being an entrepreneur define me as a mother. Nobody ever feels the need to quantify men as "daddy entrepreneurs" or WAHD's, and that is just sexist enough to bother me.
 My current studio space is in my home, but that is because it always has been, and I love being able to get out of bed at 3am and go try that inspiration I just dreamed about. No matter how big this adventure gets, I will always have an at home studio. As for the Mommy blogging, well, I'm afraid I am just going to have to own that one. 
Now, off to get my entrepreneur bum in gear and take some product photos!
Have a wonderful day everyone!

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